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100% Automated

Automatically convert your existing web application into native apps for Android and iOS

Native Add-ons

Toggle push notifications, and a variety of other powerful native features and SDKs.

Full Source Code

Download full source code for backup, or extend and modify to meet your needs


Automatic updates: No need to maintain Android & iOS source code at all
No templates used: Built from scratch to get the most out of your existing web application
Only your own branding: 100% white label solution, Never any ads or hidden fees
Enterprise-friendly: Extend our source code with custom development to meet your needs

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Licensing Terms

A license is required prior to publishing for any use of native source code, All apps and core features are free and easy to try out before purchasing a license and publishing. Privacy Policies

License Platform Cost Required
Android & iOS $799
Add-on Modules
Android & iOS $199
Android & iOS $200
Android & iOS $349
Android & iOS $399
Android & iOS $599
Android & iOS $599
Android & iOS $599
Android & iOS $599
iOS Only $799
Android & iOS $499
Android & iOS $399
Premium Services
Android & iOS $124
Android & iOS $499
** all license and module fees are one-time fees


Android Application

iOS Applications

Windows Applications

Blackberry Applications


In this phase of App development, we will discuss your ideas. This is where we plan your mission and guide you into the right steps to make to make it come alive. Our app development team has the expertise to provide a thorough guidance from the start.

In this phase we develop the mock up and user interface (UI) for the project. This is the blueprint of the Mobile app development in Delhi for IOS app, android app. We only move onto the next step after the client’s full satisfaction.

Mobile & web application development consist of different phases which we break into multiple milestones. Where client gets the build of the IOS android app IPA and (APK) file which he can test on his device and give us the feedback. With this feedback we keep refining the app to make sure it is top notch quality

Once app is launched we provide the maintenance services where we can make sure any kind of bugs or any issue we will take care of as per the agreement.

Moving your applications to the cloud gives you simplicity of automation

trending_up Autonomous

- Self-driving with fully automated patching, upgrades, backups, and integrated availability architecture.
- Autonomously performs management functions to eliminate potential costly, manual error-prone processing.

trending_up Efficient

- Self-tuning database consumes fewer computer resources than a human-tuned system.
- Resources are only provisioned as needed by types of workloads, minimizing cloud resources consumption.

trending_up Enterprise

Self-securing administers security automatically with self-patch and self-updates.
- All data is automatically encrypted.
- Access is monitored and controlled to protect from external access as well as

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